1. All tour packages sold by Exceptional Journeys Uganda (EJU) are subjects to terms and conditions.
    1. Quotations and payments are made in US Dollars and Euros and are based on the exchange rates prevailing at the time of invoicing. Tariffs are set up for every year and communicated in advance to the tour agents. (EJU) reserves the right to change and increase the tariffs where fluctuations occur and where local prices of accommodations or goods have changed above the average expectations. Any variation will be communicated to the clients and will affect the final price before the balance is fully paid.
    2. Confirmation of the packages is made with payment of the deposit of 30% of the total amount through international bank transfer or direct payment. The total amount shall be required for reservations within less than one month from the departure. The invoice sent by EJU will clarify on the details of the payment. The balance will be paid on arrival in cash or before arrival through bank transfer, at least 2 weeks earlier. The clients will also receive a travel guide and information on the Destination they will visit. The client shall bear the responsibility and be liable for the payment of all the fees, disbursements, and other amounts due in terms hereof and any accepted quotations.
    3. Reservations are made through the booking form filled by the clients and sent back to EJU.
      Upon receipt of the required deposit, EJU shall make such reservations. Should any facility or service forming part of the tour package not be available, EJU reserves the right to provide alternative facilities or services of a like nature and standard.
    4. EJU will make sure to follow the program contracted with the clients at the time of the booking. However, EJU. Reserves the right to alter the program, curtail any part of it or even to cancel it if natural or political conditions will occur that are beyond the control of EJU. EJU will communicate any variation accordingly to the clients before the starting of the program. Any such changes shall not constitute a material alteration of the contract and EJU shall have no liability to the clients in this respect.
    1. Changes to the program made by the clients themselves shall not occur at the expenses of EJU and the clients will be informed of any additional supplement for this.
    2. EJU advises the clients to have a travel and tourist insurance (medical, personal accidents, cancellations). EJU is not liable for the bodily injury, the death of the client, the delay or loss of baggage, the damage to his property occasioned through the conduct or default of any individual or for any reason like acts of God, quarantine, civil disturbances, medical emergencies, theft, detention, natural disasters, war, and airlines delays. EJU will provide all the possible assistance to the clients in such situations. Any additional costs involved in any of these actions of assistance shall be payable by the clients to EJU whether the insurance is covering for them.
    1. EJU advises the clients to bring with them first aid medical kit and the required personal medicines for the tour.


    1. EJU shall not be responsible or liable for any refund, loss, damage, expense, illness, accident, destruction, theft, or loss of any property (all of whatsoever nature) howsoever arising out of:
    2. Any act or omission (including any negligent act or omission), representation or misrepresentation, warranty or the like given by any Service Provider, their employees, agents and/or guests; and
    3. Any representation or misrepresentation, warranty or the like contained in any tour brochure, advertising material, documentation supplied by any Service Provider and/or EJU; and
    4. The premature departure of any member of the tour group from the tour as the result of accident, illness or any other cause howsoever arising.
    5. e) The client and each individual member of the tour group shall be responsible for ensuring that they comply with all the formalities imposed by the point of destination and arrival, including but not limited to such regulations as may be imposed by custom and health authorities.
    6. f) EJU reserves the right to refuse the continuation of the trip for any client whose conduct might cause harm or inconveniences to other clients, to the staff members or any other person or property and for the proper operation of the program.



    1. In case of cancellation of the program, cancellation policy will be applicable as following:
    • Chimpanzee permits are not refundable
    • Before 60 days from departure, full refund, deducting not refundable fees.
    • Between 30- and 59-days prior departure 70 % of the total amount
    • Between 15- and 29-days prior departure 40% of the total amount
    • Less than 15 days no refund given. The same apply to any program already started

    11.EJU reserves the right to cancel and/or alter any aspect of the tour package, any routes and/or the itinerary relating to the tour package, should it, in EJU sole and absolute discretion, be prudent and/or appropriate to do so. The Client and/or the members of the tour group shall have no claim for any refund, loss, damage, or expenses (all whatsoever nature) arising out of the cancellation and/or alteration of any aspect of the tour package, any routes and/or the itinerary as aforesaid.


    Vis Major

    1. The Client and/or any member of the tour group shall not have any claim of any nature whatever against EJU for any failure by EJU to carry out any of its obligations under the contract as a result of vis major, including but without being limited to any strike, lock-out, shortage of labour or supplies and/or goods, delays in transport, accidents of any kind, any default or delay by any service provider, riot, political or civil disturbances, the elements, any act of any State or Government or any authority, or any other cause whatever beyond EJU control.
    2. If for any cause referred to in 12 EJU available supplies of the goods or services forming part of the tour package become, or will in its opinion become, be insufficient to meet the requirements of all its clients at any time, then EJU shall be entitled to alter the nature of the tour package and supply similar services and facilities to its clients or allocate such services or facilities amongst its clients in such manner as it deems fair and equitable, and to vary its obligations to the client accordingly, until such time as EJU is satisfied that the facilities and services at its disposal are sufficient to meet the requirements of all its clients.
    3. If the performance of EJU obligations herein is unduly delayed by any of the causes set out in 12, then the client shall be entitled, subject to obtaining the previous written consent of EJU.to cancel the affected portion of the tour package.

    Postal Address and e-Mail

    All correspondence for EJU shall be addressed either:


    Exceptional Journeys Uganda

    P O Box 144, Gulu, Uganda

     Mobile: +256 780 388 990


    Email: sales@safarinothern.com

    All correspondence by way of postal transmission or E-Mail shall be deemed to be valid and binding on the client, provided that same has been received by EJU and provided EJU has proof that the postal transmission of E-Mail has been sent.


    Exceptional Journeys Uganda was founded on the principle that travel should encourage and promote great understanding of History, culture and natural resources, that these encounters and experiences will encourage economic growth, development, and sustainability of those areas you travel through. In this way, encouraging every traveller to become agents of global change through conservation efforts. We hope that your safari experience in Uganda will remain with you forever and inspire you to make a difference in the world that we share!




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