historical sites

fort patiko

The fort was initially constructed by the Arabs as a slave collection Centre. Sir Samuel Baker took over the fort from 1872 to 1888 when he was sent on a mission by the Queen of England to stop the slave trade which was being carried out by the Arabs slave traders. The fort then became the headquarters for Emin Pasha and Gordon, the respective Governors of the Equatorial Province of the British Protectorate

amuru hot springs

Amuru Hot Springs is surely one of the symbols that give Uganda its true definition – the Pearl of Africa. The springs are in Amoyo-Koma Sub-ward in Amuru Town Council. Its located 35km from Gulu city and covers an area of 100 sqm.

aruu falls

Aruu falls are in Pader District in Northern Uganda. The Falls are situated in the middle of a forested land scape. The beautiful Aruu falls is trully one of the hidden treasures of this region. The waterfalls are incredible with beautiful scenery across the falls and around the entire area.
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