our story

Our story

Northern Uganda Region is a very special and Unique region that cannot be described in a single story. The landscapes alone offer a detailed and careful colorful story and history – ancient and original, joyful and hash but above all, magical and compelling to the traveler here with an open heart and mind that is unrestrained by predefined ideas.

This region is truly unique because unlike other regions of Uganda, it has come through the most difficult and hash periods of war, disease, abject poverty, insecurity, devastation of life, Wildlife, and communities unlike any other parts of the country.For over two decades this region went through insecurity and destruction from different rebel groups that operated within this region with the last rebel group/ activity of the LRA led by Joseph Kony wrecking the worst havoc on lives and reduced the population to living in camps for nearly 24years. 

This meant tourism activities and other economic and development activities within this region was effectively shut down and the people demoralized. The region suffered abject poverty and extreme trauma and both communities Wildlife were greatly affected. The Lord Resistance Army (LRA) led by Joseph Kony was finally defeated and kicked out of the country.From 2006, this region started to paint a different color over the original dark and harsh Tapestry to a beautiful more light and bright change for the better slowly but surely. 

The people of this region started to return to their old homesteads, rebuilding their lives through farming, education, trade, infrastructural development, long term trauma healing and rehabilitation, this also means tourism is open and safe in this region. 

The wars fought in this region also left deep seated wounds within the lives of the people and community that healing is a gradual process. Our dance and music through the villages and countryside will tell you the story that we all want in this region to have Peace and development. 

The reason we choose to specialize and operate within this region is to be able to help and inspire the people and communities living close to Wildlife to better their lives through tourism and conservation. We also believe that tourism is one of the key drivers in economic development of any area and we hope be key players in changing the story of this region through tourism. 

Our goal is to be able to directly contribute to the colorful story of development and change of lives through partnership with these local communities to support programs that focus on education, conservation, and community empowerment and you are all welcome to be a part of it!In the stories you will live with us, the Northern Uganda region landscape and its people and Wildlife .You will explore the many unfolding stories of this landscape – stories from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Exceptional Journeys Uganda Ltd was founded on the principle that travel should encourage and promote great understanding of culture and natural resources and that these encounters and experiences will encourage economic growth, development, and sustainability of those areas you travel through. In this way, encouraging every traveler to become agents of global change through conservation efforts. We hope that your safari experience in Uganda will remain with you forever and inspire you to make a difference in the world that we share! 

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